Battle of the Boutiquers: Schrager Fighting Balazs for Hotel Chelsea?

The Chelsea Hotel has seen plenty of drama over the years, from the drunkards and artists boarding in its rooms to those boarders and the management. Now, it looks like a bidding war could break out between two of the city’s biggest hoteliers.

While it had been reported that Ian Schrager was not interested in the building, no fewer than two days after reports of Andres Balazs dropping by, Page Six is reporting that Schrager checked into the Chelsea as well.

He’s supposed to be starting two new hotel lines, as well as hammering out the kinks with his Marriott partnership. But given that he’s now free of the Grammercy, maybe the notoriously intense developer is looking for yet another thing to keep him busy.

Or maybe he just thinks the Chelsea would make a perfect flagship for one of those new brands, perhaps the one with the Bikini Bootcamps.

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