Black Child Disenfranchised While Questioning President Obama About Disenfranchisement [Watch]

President Obama held a YouTube Q&A session today—one of the administration’s creative, tech-savvy strategies for reaching voters without holding too many of those pesky press conferences.

The public was invited to ask questions via video and text. 140,000 questions were submitted, of which a handful were actually posed to the president (including one softball about his favorite YouTube video, which he bailed on).

Naturally, children got into the act, because they’re cute as hell and never ask follow-ups.

At one point, three kids from a charter school in California (Jessica, Illian and Olu) teamed up to ask the President a question about “the social and economic disparities that exist in the African American community.” Jessica spoke first, then Illian, and then…well, what appears to be an unfortunate bit of editing by YouTube wound up illustrating the very problem the kids were asking about.