Blog-to-Runway Deal! Tumblr Sending 20 Style Mavens to Fashion Week

Tumblr woke up one morning and found itself flush with even more cash and in the possession of a fashion-focused community director, Rich Tong. How, then, to make use of such acquisitions?

Fashion Week is the answer. Tumblr announced that it will be send 20 lucky bloggers to Lincoln Center for this season’s extravaganza of clothes and parties, which begins February 10. All flights, meals, meet-ups with fashionistas, cocktails and tickets to exclusive shows will be arranged for by the startup. And if it’s like last season’s Fashion Week, it will be a total blast.

Tong, the resident style expert at the microblogging startup, said he was looking for “inspiration-based” fashion blog that could cop the most reblogs.

“I’ve never seen a community with such an appetite for content,” said Tong. “They just love looking at photos. If you give them 100, they want 1,000.”

So, Tumblr, we’ll be sending you all our seating assignments — we want to sit next to Fuck Yeah Menswear. In the front row, at every runway. You guys invited those geniuses invited, right?


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