Bloomberg's Approval Rating Reaches Record Low

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s approval rating has hit rock-bottom, according to a new poll out by NY1 and Marist College.

Only 37 percent of New Yorkers think the Mayor is doing a good or excellent job in office. The numbers represent a 13-point drop from  the October Marist survey.

The new numbers come out as Bloomberg has tried to take control of the narrative after a couple of difficult months that have seen the city fail to adequately respond to a record snowstorm and the mayor take heat for the appointment of a Cathie Black, a Hearst publishing executive, to the position of city schools chancellor.

“Mayor Bloomberg clearly will need a big shovel if he wants to dig himself out of this political storm, and it looks like the next opportunity is heading his way,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.

Bloomberg received the highest marks in Manhattan, where 55 percent of residents think he is doing a good job, and his lowest in Brooklyn, where only a quarter of residents approve of his administration.

Meanwhile, only 3 in 10 New Yorkers are confident of the job that Black will do as head of the city’s schools.

Although the Marist numbers are bad, Mayor Bloomberg has been in the approval ratings basement before. In 2003, the Q-poll had the mayor at 32 percent, after his administration raised taxes and transit fees and banned cigarette smoking in restaurant and bars. Lamented The Times at the time, “His wealth has also created an intractable chasm between himself and the majority of the eight million people he serves who are now sitting by as their taxes rise, their services are cut and they are given little reason to expect an economic recovery any time soon.”

But Bloomberg’s numbers did recover. Two-and-a-half years later, Bloomberg trounced Freddy Ferrer by a record 20-points.


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