Brits Erupt Into Frenzy Over Dress That Kate May Wear For Wedding

The Daily Mail made an announcement today, and all of Britain was listening: “Kate Middleton has chosen her wedding dress designer.”

A nation pauses.

Who, Daily Mail, and how do you know? Well, Middleton’s mother Carol and little sister Pippa “spent nearly an hour and a half” at the London boutique of Bruce Oldfield. Yes, perhaps such anecdotal evidence — women in a store — falls short of confirmation when all parties involved are staying extra mum on the subject, but no matter. As far as the Daily Mail is concerned, the dress has been chosen.

And more details emerge!

St James’s Palace is keeping tight-lipped on her dress choice, but a senior courtier told the Mail she finally reached a decision last week. The 29-year-old had whittled down her options to two possibilities, it is understood.

So let’s stop with the parlour game and declare the dress search over. Bruce Oldfield, you are one lucky clothier. And, of course, the Daily Mail makes sure to mention that Oldfield was a “favourite” of Princess Diana. Now everybody’s happy.

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