Butts Out For Scholastic Smokers! CUNY Brass Bans Cigs on Campus

It’s ashes to ashes for nicotine-addled bookworms and nerds getting their study on at the City University: starting in September, smokers will have to take their cigarettes off campus, the New York Daily News reported. Administrators have implemented a full ban on smoking, effective on all 23 of the university’s campus, with no designated smoking areas.

Why ever would they sanction such an annoyance? Apparently smoking has adverse biological consequences.

“All the evidence shows that any exposure to smoke has adverse biological consequences,” said Nicholas Freudenberg, professor at the School of Public Health at Hunter College.

Also, this was the right thing to do.

“It really just seemed to me that this was the right thing to do,” said CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein.

OK, students, walk across this imaginary line, and then you can smoke your delicious cigarette. Like high school all over again.

nfreeman at observer.com |@nfreeman1234