Chartbeat’s New Tool Helps Make Journos Into Superhuman Pageview Machines

Feedback is one of the great virtues of online journalism. Errors get corrected, discussions get started, people learn things. Advertisers also get more accurate data on what they’re paying for.

New York-based Chartbeat shows publishers real-time data about who’s on their site and what’s being read.

The information helps editors decide what stories to double down on and which to ignore. It’s like Pachinko for writers watching their stories climb up and down the leaderboard, and apparently they couldn’t get enough.

Chartbeat was showing stats on just the top stories on the site, made for editors. But it just rolled out a variation on its service in response to market demand: a dashboard that lets individual writers watch their stories trend or bomb in real-time.

Newsbeat turns ordinary content producers into powerful pageview-conscious cyborgs, Tony Haile of Chartbeat told Peter Kafka.

As Haile sees it, human bloggers are in danger of being replaced by robots and algorithms that can more efficiently harness traffic. At least that beats the monkeys down on the content farm. 

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