Donut David Vanquishes Goliath [UPDATE: Again!]

Last year was another rough one for the little guy in New York, as the recession and competition shuttered many neighborhood shops. The threat of Walmart still looms large — now on the Lower East Side, no less–and here comes word of a Boerum Hill institution, the Victory Cafe, closing.

Fortunately, one of The Observer‘s favorite establishments has weathered the storm.

Dunkin Donuts, the city’s largest retailer, recently closed its store on 14th Street. When it opened three years ago, it was seen by many, including Vanishing New York blogger Jeremiah, as a bad omen for our beloved Donut Pub. Yet the little guy survived, thanks in part, we believe, to its incomparable crullers and black-and-whites.

Score one for the mom-and-pops.

UPDATE: A reader sent over an email pointing out that this is actually not the first time Dunkin Donuts has tried–and failed!–to vanquish the humble Pub:

Us local residents have watched with interest as competitors have attempted to come in and knock the Donut Pub off. You may be interested in knowing that this isn’t the first time that Dunkin’ Donuts has failed against the Donut Pub. About 12 years ago, Dunkin’ Donuts opened up a shop on 7th Avenue, between 14th and 15th, just around the corner. It lasted about two years. When I moved into the nabe back in the late ’80s, the Donut Pub was just this little grungy greasy spoon donut place. Since then, they’ve upgraded and are now much fancier looking. But the donuts, the coffee and the staff is the same — they’re great!!!

Donut David Vanquishes Goliath [UPDATE: Again!]