Drag Queen Lady Bunny Puts a Bouffant-Sized Target on Sarah Palin's Head [WATCH]

Lady Bunny, the disco-happy drag queen who’s graced New York nightlife with wig-wearing performances for decades, has fired shots against a certain former Alaskan governor. Sarah Palin’s taken a good amount of heat since her response to the Giffords tragedy, but to our knowledge Lady Bunny is the first member of the drag queen contingent to throw her hat into the ring. She made a sure-to-be-viral video, it’s called “The Ballad of Sarah Palin,” and it is something else.

There’s much to appreciate here. After putting the now-infamous Tuscon target on Palin herself, Lady Bunny ends her ditty with a little suggestion that Palin should bring a certain hunting partner along with her on her next trip — a hunting partner with notoriously life-threatening aim. Yes, that would be Dick Cheney.

And she doesn’t mince words in her finale.

“Bye, bitch,” the voluptuous queen says to Palin, waving to the camera.

When it comes to Sarah Palin parody attacks, you can’t get much stranger and wilder than this. Watch it below. Just believe us.


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