Ed Cox: Michael Steele Said Charlie Rangel was Vulnerable to G.O.P. Challenger

According to a piece in the Washington Times Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele told state party head Ed Cox that Michel Faulkner, a pastor and former professional football player, trailed Charlie Rangel by just four points in their internal polls leading up to election day.

Steele campaigned with Faulkner during his “Fire Pelosi” bus tour, and, according to a state party insider, Faulkner was the only Republican to get the full RNC-treatment even though several candidates were in tight races and six Republicans snagged seats away from Democrats.

Making matters worse, according to a state party source, after telling state and local Republicans about Faulkner’s poll numbers, Steele went to a high-dollar Wall Street fundraiser after the “Fire Pelosi” event and told donors there that Faulkner was on Rangel’s heels. Pressed for time, the state G.O.P scrambled to try to send resources.

Rangel went on to win with 81 percent of the vote.

Steele is now struggling to retain his chairmanship. The New York Republican Party and the entire state Congressional delegation have thrown their support behind local favorite Maria Cino, but so far it appears as if Wisconsin GOP Chairman Reince Priebus is the front runner.