The Daily Sold!

Talent and media giant IMG has sold their eight year-old fashion week newspaper The Daily to founder Brandusa Niro, reports Jeff Bercovici.

So, yeah, not the super-hyped Rupert Murdoch tablet newspaper The Daily.

Any confusion would be warranted, according to Niro.

IMG previously had its lawyers investigate whether News Corp. was infringing on The Daily‘s (aka The Daily Front Row) trademark. Soon after, News Corp. asked a judge to deem the phrase “The Daily” too generic to trademark. But Niro reports her brand has already been diluted by Murdoch’s Daily. She told us in November:

Our publication has been referred to as The Daily for eight years. We also have our own I-pad [sic] app, our own website and our own multimedia components. We’ve already noticed confusion for the past two weeks, people calling us saying, Are you doing a story on us? Who is this person from The Daily who has been calling, etc. Turns out it’s not from The Daily, it’s from another The Daily, and so forth.

Niro declined to tell Forbes who is backing The Daily, but says she has a controlling interest. :: @kstoeffel

The Daily Sold!