The Village Voice Loses Publisher Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen is stepping down as publisher of The Village Voice, the company announced today. Cohen, who came on board in 2006, will be replaced by Josh Fromson, who held the same position at its San Francisco sister publication SF Weekly. Cohen did not say where he was headed.

“I’m proud to say we also expect to see more revenue growth in 2011,” Cohen said in a statement. “I’m hoping a few people will miss me,” he added, “and I’m looking forward to my next act, which will most certainly be in media.”

Josh Fromson helmed SF Weekly during last year’s lawsuit from the San Francisco Bay Guardian. A San Francisco Jury found SF Weekly guilty of illegal price cutting, and they’ve been giving the San Francisco Bay Guardian half their ad revenue in order to pay their $15.6 million settlement. The Supreme Court rejected Village Voice Media’s appeal.

Welcome to the show, Fromson! Bring the drugs, leave the sandals. :: @kstoeffel