Facebook, MasterCard and HP Join Board Of Digital ID Firm BlueCava

phone id Facebook, MasterCard and HP Join Board Of Digital ID Firm BlueCavaDigital tracking firm Bluecava made headlines earlier this year when it was reported that the company had collected unique IDs on more than 200 million devices like smartphones and laptops. 

Today Bluecava announced that executives from big name companies like Facebook, HP and Mastercard had joined its newly formed advisory board. 

The startup, which recently closed a $5 million dollar series A round led by Mark Cuban, goes way beyond the digital cookies typically used for tracking consumer behavior. 

By identifying a unique digital fingerprint for devices that access web sites, Bluecava essentially makes it impossible for consumers to avoid being tracked, as they can by deleting or blocking cookies. 

“I think cookies are a joke,” Mr. Norris told The Wall Street Journal. “The system is archaic and was invented by accident. We’ve outgrown it, and it’s time for the next thing.”

Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer at Facebook, will join Bluecava’s advisory board. It seems like an indication that Facebook may see Bluecava as a way to prevent identity theft.

But it’s also interesting that the social network, which has had its own share of public embarrassements over privacy, would choose to publicly partner with a company on the bleeding edge of personal profiling and consumer tracking. 

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