Foursquare Users Cleverly Combine Words 'Slush' and 'Apocalypse'

win07 slush Foursquare Users Cleverly Combine Words 'Slush' and 'Apocalypse'As of a few minutes ago, the Foursquare “moving target” called “Slushpocalypse 2011” was trending, with 166 users “checking in” to a seasonably bad day of weather in New York. The phenomenon appears to piggyback on social media enthusiasts’ penchant for hyperbole, as evidenced in recent use of “snowpocalypse,” and other insipid formulations designed to conflate mundane occurences with the end of the world and/or humanity.

“Why pay for a 7 eleven slurpee today?just get a cup and go outside and put some slush in in a cup and add juice and enjoy lol,” wrote Michael A., in a reflection of humanity’s alarming tendency to apply mind-bogglingly sophisticated technology to the most mundane of ends.

“Wear boots,” wrote Dario M., one of many Foursquare users to encourage the use of enhanced footwear in light of the precipitation.

Yet another user turned to onomatopoeia to convey that somewhat melted snow had accumulated on the ground.

“Slosh…slosh…watch your step…slosh…slosh!” wrote Jase P.

“Hell has frozen over,” wrote Christine P.

Our sentiments exactly.

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