ICanHazCheezburger Just Raised $30 M.; Seeks GIF Master

canhas ICanHazCheezburger Just Raised $30 M.; Seeks GIF MasterSeattle-based Cheezburger, the blog network that brought you I Can Has Cheezburger, the Fail blog and Engrish Funny, has raised $30 million to pursue the dream of being “the largest humor network in the world.”

Cheezburger is using its millions to make some hires, including a “GIF Master.”

gtfodogp1 ICanHazCheezburger Just Raised $30 M.; Seeks GIF Master


-High attention to detail
-Ability to multitask on multiple repeating tasks
-High degree of web savvy with an emphasis on memes and viral content

We want to know where you go to school for that degree.

Cheezburger’s biggest competitor is the humor network Cracked.com, owned by content farming empire Demand Media.

Demand has filed to go public in an initial stock offering later this month and is valued at over $1.5 billion. Will Cheezburger follow suit? The ticker symbol LOLZ is available.

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