In 2010, No ‘Love Story’ Between Taylor Swift and Mag Sales

It’s no surprise that when a magazine captures the electric bombast that is Lady Gaga, they’ll have a talked-about picture on the cover.

And with this buzz comes monumental sales: Memo Pad has rounded up the Audit Bureau of Circulations numbers from nearly all of 2010 and found that Rolling Stone and Cosmopolitan owe their top-selling issues to Gaga’s shock-pop appeal, with the singer also appearing on Vanity Fair‘s second-biggest seller. In case you’ve forgotten, Rolling Stone strapped her into machine gun bra, Cosmo had her in skimpy skin-colored negligee, and Vanity Fair shot her naked with her silver hair tickling her silver tattoo.

You know who didn’t fare too well in the off-the-stand game? Nashville’s darling ingenue, Taylor Swift. Even with a gossip-stuffed new album (John Mayer is mean to her!) and an obsessed-over new romance (Jake Gyllenhaal is nice to her!) Taylor graced Elle‘s worst-selling cover of the year, and Glamour‘s second-worst.

If Lady Gaga actually makes it to the cover of March’s Vogue, as it’s rumored, we’ll get another chance to see if her embrace of sex, violence, and genuine oddity can continue to get the copies flying off the shelves.

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In 2010, No ‘Love Story’ Between Taylor Swift and Mag Sales