Inside General Assembly

General Assembly includes classrooms, a library and a room to store bikes.
A list of contributing companies on the wall at the entrance of General Assembly.
The common area, also an event space, fits 200.
The sunny common room is the centerpiece of General Assembly's urban campus.
Sharma in a rare moment between meetings and phone calls.
General Assembly members talk shop or burrow into their laptops in the common area.
The first event hosted at General Assembly will be Music Hack Day, cosponsored by NYHacker, on Feb. 12.
Notable General Assembly members include Chris Hughes (cofounder of Facebook, now founder of Jumo), Hashable's Mike Yavonditte, Food52's Amanda Hesser (formerly of the New York Times) and TechStars mentor David Tisch.
Pritzker cofounded General Assembly with Brad Hargreaves, Matthew O. Brimer and Jake Schwartz.
Parts of General Assembly look like rooms you might find in a university library or a student center.
Startups and entrepreneurs headquartered in General Assembly have dedicated desks in the southern wing.
No cubicles here.
General Assembly has plans for a meal plan and an in-house barista.
Red lightbulbs over the doors indicate which seminar rooms are occupied.
The conference rooms have whiteboard walls.
General Assembly will offer courses on technology, design and other topics; for example IDEO (a global design and creative firm) will offer courses on Design Thinking.
Startups and entrepreneurs working in the North Work Area overlooking 21st St.
Cushioned chairs with high walls can be pushed together for private conversations, naps or to spy on unaware colleagues.