Is Gillibrand’s Latest Fan Howard Stern’s Limo Driver? [Updated]

If you were wondering where the next outpouring of praise for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand could possibly come from–after Jon Stewart compared her to “The Who in a hotel” last night–well, here it is.

On the Twitter account–@ronnieluvsmambo–someone who appeared to be from the Howard Stern Show had this to say:

“Gillibrand’s office helped my 94 yr old grandpa get his benefits when the #VA was trying 2 screw him!”

Gillibrand has made veterans a particular focus of her Senate tenure, including but not limited to, this memorable tour of the Whitney with some servicemen.

Not knowing much about the show, I was under the impression that this was the account for Stern’s limo driver, the aptly-named Ronnie the Limo Driver, which seemed not entirely implausible, what with the wide-ranging accolades she’s been getting of late.

Last month, I wrote about how the senator was enjoying a moment in the spotlight as a liberal champion–a prospect that seemed nearly impossible when she was first appointed–and getting kudos from Ronnie the Limo Driver seemed to stretch that to some new dimension. Ronnie is apparently a big fan of NASCAR, went to great expense to “pimp out” his limo, has a regular engagement at the strip club Scores, and was once voted the angriest person on the show.

But alas, a reader emails that the account is actually run by someone named Liz Brown, who writes and tweets about the show, and that the name of the Twitter feed is an inside joke about Ronnie’s favorite cologne, Mambo.

Unable to reach anyone at the show last night, I had originally written that the tweeted praise came from Ronnie himself. My apologies to Ronnie for the error.

Is Gillibrand’s Latest Fan Howard Stern’s Limo Driver? [Updated]