James Franco Gifts The Guardian With Fuzzy Pictures of Animals

108079681 James Franco Gifts The Guardian With Fuzzy Pictures of AnimalsThe Guardian has a charming little feature called My Week In Pictures, where they commission a photo essay from a notable person. Insight into the lives of others! Stars revealing that they’re just like us!

Or something like that. This week, that person is James Franco, the over-booked coffee addict who is currently taking Sundance by storm with his performance art extravaganza based on the super-seventies TV show “Three’s Company.” So you meticulously constructed the sitcom’s living room and then showed up wearing a Suzanne Somers wig? Oh James, you walk that tenuous highbrow-lowbrow line without apology, and we love you all the more for it.

So where does this photo project shared with The Guardian stand? Did you do this in earnest, or is it more of your “performance art?”

The verdict: It’s impossible to tell with this guy! Anyway, here are some of the things we managed to glean from these low-quality photos:

  • His brother takes care of cats Harry and Arturo at his pad in L.A. The pets are “as large as bobcats.” A writer, using the literary device known as the simile.
  • He edited a movie about radical poet Hart Crane on a Mac. Of course, Franco is also playing the lead role of Crane.
  • He records music with fellow performance artist Kalup Linzy. Also: Franco-referring-to-himself-as-Franco alert! “Kalup and Franco, recording. Kalup and I started recording some demo tracks for our album.”
  • To ward off the “meanies”at Yale, Franco has a mini toy tiger guarding his laptop during class. And we get a rare look into James’ photoshopping skills, as he whites out the faces of his classmates.

Fascinating, Franco! The highlight, though, is the picture of what James calls his “new best friend.” The picture is below.

Fat seal 006 James Franco Gifts The Guardian With Fuzzy Pictures of Animals

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