Katie Couric Delivers Hope to a Snowy City By Moving Barry Diller's Maserati

The worst part about braving a thunderstorm blizzard is that, sometimes, your Maserati gets stuck in the snow.

Barry Diller learned this the hard way! Lucky for him Katie Couric happened to be strolling by and possesses a hitherto unknown ability to move heavy objects. As she’s an adherent of the “Pics or it didn’t happen” rule, Couric had someone take a Twitpic and relay news of her heroism to her 133,000 followers.

The snow drifts may have made this morning’s commute a bit more unbearable, but it seems this simple picture of a smiling millionaire and a smiling billionaire has brightened this city’s spirit. Let’s take a look at the comments!

You are so much fun Katie – always with a smile on your face!

Go Katie!! That mas is sweet; I used to park next to it everyday.

I tell people all the time…Katie is a real person..Bravo!

And then, at the end, someone inspires some serious jealousy.

Wow! I’m glad I live in fla!

Real talk.

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