Let's All Marvel At Karl Lagerfeld's Chic and Well-Stocked Library!

Like King Midas, Karl Lagerfeld can bestow a princely glow to whatever surrounding he graces with his presence. He’s Karl Lagerfeld, ruler of Chanel, reigning titan of fashion.

Naturally, the man has a stunning library. The Cut wrote a piece about photographer Todd Selby’s website, where he’s posted each of the immaculate shots included in his new collection, The Selby is in Your Place. The book seems like a perfect addition to all discerning coffee tables, and the high-resolution pictures online are a nice gesture.

We’d like to direct your attention to one shot in particular: a stunning floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that holds within its confines the reading materials responsible for the persona known as Karl Lagerfeld.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what stacks of books should look like:


Paging Blake Lively, the new face of Chanel: you better get reading.

nfreeman at observer.com |@nfreeman1234

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