More Weiner Hijinks on the House Floor [VIDEO]

Anthony Weiner took to the floor of the House yesterday to again belittle the Republicans for attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“Just a word on the whole ‘government takeover’ thing,” Weiner said to his Republican colleagues. “I mean, I love you guys, I know you’re caught up in the rhetoric of the campaign. This is–this is the tax breaks that are going to go to citizens to buy–wait for it–private insurance policies. Where’s the government takeover in that? And do you think small businesses benefit when they don’t provide health insurance and then people go to the hospital emergency rooms to get their care? Who do you think pays that bill? The bill fairy? Your taxpayers! Your taxpayers in your states. Now what’s your solution? Well, they don’t have a solution. We know what they’re against. They are against health reform. We don’t know what they are for. Welcome to the Republican majority.”

Take a look:


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