Morning Read: Relief, Not Redemption

For Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the storm yesterday was a chance to prove that the city could do better at snow removal than it did last month. “I don’t know that I feel redeemed,” the mayor said. “I feel relieved, I guess is a good word.”

Wal-Mart kicked off their New York City campaign.

New Jersey is in the center of the nation’s education debate.

A tony charter school slated to shutter is fighting back.

Advocates for the aged are worried about the city’s Medicaid lawsuit.

A Robert Moses musical.

Security was increased for the inauguration of Rep. Nan Hayworth.

G.O.P. House leaders are against Peter King’s bill to ban the carrying of a firearm within 1,000 feet of an elected official.

Authorities raided subway crew rooms and seized potential key evidence in the ongoing investigation of staffers faking signal inspections.

A surge of handgun sales in New York in the wake of the Arizona shooting.

Post: Get High Capacity Gun Magazine Out of the Public’s Hands.

The Bronx is worst off of all the boroughs on almost every major barometer of health, from infant deaths to cancer to HIV/AIDS, according to a city Department of Health report.

Andrew Cuomo is looking into the Catskills Casino deal.

More questions about the Demorats’ debt.

Carl Paladino re-emerged to take on the Buffalo Board of Education.

Jobless claims are up.

So is sales tax revenue.



Morning Read: Relief, Not Redemption