Morning Roundup: Americans Love a Good Bankruptcy

  • Goldman Sachs’ investment in Facebook may help the social-networking site escape the added regulatory scrutiny that comes with an IPO. [NYT]
  • On the other hand, the Securities and Exchange Commission is already conducting an inquiry into Goldman’s plan to give its clients access to Facebook shares. Regulatory scrutiny may come one way or another. [Bloomberg]
  • Many — as in 1.53 million — U.S. consumers filed for bankruptcy in 2010. That’s 9 percent more than the year before and also a five-year high. [Reuters]
  • President Barack Obama’s nightmarish moratorium on deepwater drilling is set to end in several weeks, in a move that will hopefully return the Gulf of Mexico to the carefree days of April 2010. [WSJ]
  • Wondering how to invest in the bond market in 2011? U.S. News & World Report has a few tips to help, including: don’t just buy bonds; buy stocks too. Also: the economy may grow, but it also may shrink. [USNWR]

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