Morning Roundup: Facebook Will Go Public! Maybe!

  • A document sent to potential investors reveals that popular social-networking site Facebook intends to rack up more than 500 investors, the magical number above which the government begins requiring companies to disclose financial information. And companies that have to disclose their financial information often decide that they might as well go public while they’re at it. Ergo … [WSJ]
  • Some people have said that Goldman Sachs’ move to help Facebook find private investors may improve its public image. But so far, caveat emptor has been the word of the day in the sale of Facebook shares to clients, so then again maybe Goldman’s just doing this to make money. [Bloomberg]
  • As they rebound from near-collapse, U.S. automakers are creating more cars that are less terrible for the environment. Even light trucks and SUVs — on which Detroit still depends for a good chunk of its profit — are slightly more eco-friendly. [NYT]
  • AIG is going ahead with its plan to issue warrants to its investors in a bid to sweeten their position in advance of some of the riskiest stages of its divorce from the U.S. government. [AP]
  • Yesterday, Automatic Data Processing said the private sector added a lot more jobs than expected. Will the U.S. government — the leading authority on American unemployment — corroborate this claim when it releases its own jobs figures this morning? [MarketWatch]

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