One Tweet From Ashton Kutcher = 13,000 Hits

original twitter whore One Tweet From Ashton Kutcher = 13,000 HitsAshton Kutcher is the most-followed person on Twitter, thanks to an early and aggressive campaign which included billboard ads and a trumped-up race against CNN to the million follower mark.

The actor had 6,192,355 followers and was on 63,499 lists at the time of this post. Because of his colossal Twitter following and his interest in the startup space, Kutcher has become a PR target for young startups.

Two New York startups, thefancy and BNTER, have both scored the tastemaker as a registered user. (UPDATE: New York startups GroupMe and Foursquare are on Kutcher’s homescreen!)

But a tweet from Kutcher could really drive traffic—especially a glowing tweet like the one that garnered one small startup’s demo video more than 23,000 views.

Kutcher tweeted about the demo video for PadMapper, an app that mashes up apartment listings with Google Maps and allows users to search and filter by certain criteria. Kutcher wrote: “this might be my favorite instructional video ever…” and included a link to the video.

Kutcher’s tweet sent about 13,000 people to the video on YouTube within five hours, according to a blog post by Grumo Media, which produced the video:

Think about this, Ashton spent about 5 seconds writing the PadMapper tweet and that effortless act sent 13,000 people to go watch a 1:41 min video.

This means that my video was watched for a total of 365 hours. In other words, with 5 seconds of effort Ashton was able to consume 365 hours of his followers time.

Now, that is leverage. To be exact that is about 1 to 250,000 leverage!


Kutcher’s fans are also total sweethearts, judging by the comments on YouTube. “Ashton’s right! Great vid! LOVED your company’s tag line :-)” and “Nice.. Ashton Kutcher sent me.. This is revolutionary!”

The video is cute, but it’s a pretty standard startup reel: voiceover, cartoons and whimsical music, explaining how PadMapper makes it easier to find apartments. It’s possible Kutcher has some financial interest in the app, since he’s been pimping it for months; he crashed the site’s servers with a tweet in August.

[via TheNextWeb]