Sources: Harry Wilson to Start Fiscal Reform PAC

When Harry Wilson made a surprise appearance at Andrew Cuomo’s State of State address on Wednesday, it led a few political observers to speculate that he was perhaps in line for a Cuomo administration post, perhaps as one of the myriad commissioners that Cuomo unveiled today.

Wilson was, after all, on one of granddaddy of government commissions, the auto-bailout task force. But according to sources familiar with his thinking, Wilson’s next move is not likely to be with Cuomo, but instead forming his own Political Action Committee to advocate for fiscal reform. According to people close to him, Wilson is planning on rolling out a fairly robust operation, one that will support candidates both in New York and across the nation who support fiscal reform, especially pension reform.

Wilson made pension reform a major part of his 2010 campaign against incumbent Democratic comptroller Tom DiNapoli, warning that the current pension fund report papers over an enormous $30-80 billion shortfall.

Republicans would love to have Wilson run again, after he came up just 2 points short against DiNapoli. Some G.O.P. strategists argue that if Republicans had a stronger top of the ticket than Carl Paladino, then Wilson would have delivered their first statewide victory since 2002.

On Wednesday, Wilson told The Politicker that he had not yet decided if he would run for office again.


Sources: Harry Wilson to Start Fiscal Reform PAC