Susan Miller's Astrological Forecast for 2011

Capricorns will face a lot of unpleasant oversight at work (You'll feel like Inspector 12 is watching you all the time.) You may have to change your job, gradually. You may think things will go back to normal, but they won't. Tiger Woods and Mel Gibson are Capricorns. But Capricorns are in a good spot to get pregnant in 2011. Try the new moon in March 4 and two weeks after it, also May 2 and July 1.


Aquarius has had no picnic lately. (Mayor Bloomberg's an Aquarius.) That's over. Aquarius may have a lot more money this year -- but may renovate a house, which means spending it. Put a little aside. Your love life is not great until June 2012, so love won't be a huge influence, but travel and home life are fantastic this year.

Aries, open the Champagne, it's your best year since 1999. Whatever Aries will be involved in the first half of the year will go well. Your whole chart is washed with luck and you may meet your True North love.

Pisces, someone let you down but that's over, and money is coming in in the first half. You may have a writing project in the first half of the year that people love. You may be written about. But pay your taxes, see an accountant, watch your money. January is a spectacular month for Pisces to launch things.


Taurus's career is cooling down (especially after February), and Tauruses should watch their teeth and bones in 2011. That said, this year, your life will be glorious -- but you have to get out there and say what you want. Around January 19 is a good time to make decisions about real estate.

In 2010, Gemini had a spectacular career year, you don't even know how many smart decisions you made yet. This year is about networking, about the people you meet -- get out there, use social media. Gemini can make a lot of new friends this year, and friends will come through for you. Career prospects are good through March. As for love, Gemini is falling for people who live in another state or are working all hours. You might have to end one relationship before beginning another. 


Cancer's career is on fire until June 4. You'll have a great opportunity coming in April, but you may have to move to take advantage of it. Entrepreneurial endeavors are favored. One tip: if you're selling a house make sure buyers have the money.



Leos think anything but a five-star hotel is slumming, but they've had a lot of problems with money for years, through no fault of their own. That will be over March 11.

Leos will also travel heavily in the first five months of the year, probably to a country new to them. But be home by June 4. Your career catches on fire, especially in the fall. In November, you'll start spending a lot of money.



Virgos have been through a lot -- that ends March 11. Virgo doesn't trust partners in business or in life, but someone comes back into your life and you're ready to trust again. The second half of 2011 is about travel and study for Virgos. Go back to school. Your career goes catches fire in 2012.

Libra? You've had tough times since October, busy making yourself over as new and improved. Watch your health, your calcium — if you have been troubled by a health concern, find a specialist. You'll have new responsibilities, ones you volunteer for. In 2011, have a single focus and try something new, take a small risk. Chunks of money may come from the outside later in the year. 




Scorpios will be getting out of the house more. You'll go out, have fun, make friends. It's a good year to take off weight, especially in the first half of the year: You'll be healthy and fit. Last year, the tide took money out but business is very good, it grows in 2011. Make sure people who say they're your friends really are.


Sagittarius will have a baby, or a boost in creativity, or an important body of work this year. Health and fitness is fantastic especially in the second half. Eat healthy. But it's your turn to help out friends this year, not the other way around. You also may serve on a tenants committee, PTA, etc. And there's a good chance you will find love in 2011.



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