TBS Passes on Modern Family Reruns Due to Web Exposure

Can we call it the Lindsay Lohan effect?

Cable’s rerun-hoarder TBS pulled out of the bidding for Modern Family out of concerns the show is overexposed on the internet, reports the Los Angeles Times.

NBC Universal’s USA was unfazed, paying $1.4 million per episode. TBS’s bid was reportedly $1 million.

Turner Broadcast Company (TBS parent) Chief Executive Phil Kent told the Times that the rerun appeal is diminished by its availability online, and that he now negotiates rerun deals with terms limiting availability on other platforms.

Modern Family‘s co-creator and executive producer Steve Levitan predicted this problem, and has publicly decried his show’s availability online. He reportedly told The Hollywood Reporter, “We’re making it far too easy to watch it on other mediums and not getting proper credit for it. If we weren’t on Hulu and ABC.com, why don’t we try that? … I’ve actively lobbied to look at the big picture,” he reportedly said. “The idea isn’t to remove ways for viewers to find the show, but to see what [would happen to the ratings].”

Kent also found time in the interview to sneak in a word about his disappointment with CNN’s Parker Spitzer:

“The show is not everything we want it to be at this point,” Kent said, adding that the network is not happy with the execution of the program. Advertising revenue from CNN’s prime-time lineup, Kent said, accounts for only 10% of all of CNN’s revenues.

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TBS Passes on Modern Family Reruns Due to Web Exposure