The 11 Magazine Covers We’ll See in 2011

Mag: T

Why: After a surprise Best Supporting Actress Oscar nod for her role as Annette Benning and Julianne Moore's daughter in The Kids Are All Right, Wasikowska will need to graduate from Teen Vogue into a mag that will give her the Dakota Fanning, tasteful-shoot-precocious-interview treatment. 

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Mag: Purple

Why: Kirke was hilarious in BFF Lena Dunhaum's lauded directorial debut Tiny Furniture, and is set to star in her forthcoming HBO series, too. Kirke's our pick because she says awesome, bad-mommy things in interviews and knows her way around an outfit (remember that cool hood-thing?). Or perhaps former bad-influence BFF Paz de la Huerta would convince her to go for the nude shoot, too.

Magazine: Vogue

Reason: Duh. Grabbing the world's shiniest princess would be a coup for British-born Anna Wintour, and there's no pesky editorial precedent for a hard-hitting interview. Bonus: Middleton only needs "minimal" air-brushing!

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Mag: Good Housekeeping

Why: We bet the news that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's longtime girlfriend Sandra Lee will, in fact, move into the Executive Mansion has the home titles jockeying for the first glimpse of her gubernatorial tablescapes.

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Mag: People

Why: After weeks of secret booty calls, comedienne Chelsea Handler tweeted this pic with her boo 50 Cent, which makes us think they're poised for a "No More Secrets" People tell-all.


Mag: Poets & Writers

Why: After Polizzi's roman-a-clef A Shore Thing comes out, all P&W's MFA student subscribers will be dying to know how Polizzi went from only having read one book (Dear John by Nicholas Sparks) to being a bestselling author.

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Why: Critical darling Best Coast's frontwoman Betheny Cosentino and noise pop's bad boy Nathan Williams are the dreamiest music industry couple since Bey and Jay. To celebrate their new split 7", Summer Is Forever, we want to see them stoned and in their jammies, a la John and Yoko. Shot by good vibes expert Cass Bird, please.; flickr


Mag: New York

Why: Now that Hugo Lindgren has poached the talented culture critic Sam Anderson from New York, Adam Moss's magazine is going to have to find a way to fill the void. How, we ask, can New York deliver longform gems like Anderson's sprawling James Franco profile? Well, there always the other Franco. Wait, who? Oh yeah -- Dave Franco. What, never heard of him? Not a fan of the television show Privileged? Don't remember the younger Franco's dynamite performance as "Greg the Soccer Player" in Superbad? Your loss, dude.

But who should Adam Moss recruit to write this 10,000-word-plus cover story, "The Other Franco Project." Does Sam Anderson have a kid brother? Paging Dave Anderson! Is there a Dave Anderson out there!


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Mag: Esquire

Why: 20-year-old Hadley Nagel is leading the pack for 2011's Girl of The Year nod, what with the scads of press that preceded and followed her starring role in this year's International Debutante Ball. What's next? Well, we can assume go-to jailbait auteur Terry Richardson is licking his chops, waiting for Nagel's good girl gone bad moment. Expect the Woman We Love in some raunchy poses with the man she loves, James Madison.

Mag: W

Why: The proud parents of the baby that Black Swan willed into the world -- and named Delilah Bathsheba Millepied -- will field offers from every magazine in America. But it will be family-expert Stefano Tonchi at W who seals the deal for the pics (our rendering, right). It will only be months before the toddler lands her first plié.


zap2it; MorphThing


Mag: Allure

Why: We can't avoid hearing her voice everywhere we go, yet somehow we can not picture what her face looks like. Leave it to Allure, "The Beauty Expert" to exfoliate all that glitter off.

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