The New York Times Thought About Buying a Piece of Demand Media

Amazing news from The Wall Street Journal‘s Deal Journal blog: The New York Times Co., which operates the paper of record, apparently thought  pretty hard about buying a big stake (49 percent!) in much-maligned, just-IPO’d content farm of journalistic misery and operator Demand Media. 

The surface discrepancy between the two companies was enough to prompt Business Insider to point out that Times Co. and Demand have roughly the same market capitalization; The Times is the tentative, get-it-right Gray Lady, whereas Demand Media pays any old dingbat to write blog posts about “How to Play Tee Ball” or what have you for $15 a pop.

Dig a little deeper, however, and the two firms have more in common than their public-market valuations.

Times Co. owns, a site that hosts assorted servicey evergreen articles like “Thinking of Staging an Intervention?” Aha! Synergies.

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