Throwing Rocks at 100 11th Avenue

When it was first revealed that designer Jennifer Post had been hired to soften Jean Nouvel’s stark lobby at 100 11th Avenue, one of the more interesting details was that she would be using obsidian “boulder” sculptures to do so. Not exactly the warm touch it sounded like the place needed, but we’ll leave the artistic decisions up to the artists.

It turned out the developers may not have warmed to the sculptures, either, as they are currently refusing to pay the sculptors at Canal Street Studios the $63,000 owed for producing the obsidian rocks, as well as witholding $10,000 from Post’s $50,000 commission.

Take a good look at these pictures of the obsidian objets, just sent to us by the studio, because it may be the first and last time you ever see them, even if they do get installed in the building after all. Security has gotten particularly tight at Nouvel’s masterpiece since the lobby kerfuffle–or maybe it was Kelsey Grammer’s high-profile arrival–so seeing them in person may be out of the question.

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