Verizon iPhone Makes Perfect Distraction While MySpace Fires Everyone

While every was liveblogging about the Verizon iPhone that won’t be on sale for weeks, Myspace decided to lay off 47 percent of its workforce.

Myspace still has 130 million users but no idea what to do with them.

Myspace, the social network never made into a movie, was bought by News Corp for $580 million in 2005, when the site was at its peak and media companies were fighting over it.

CEO Mike Jones and other execs continue to blame earlier management for Myspace’s problems.

“Today’s tough but necessary changes were taken in order to provide the company with a clear path for sustained growth and profitability,” Jones said in a written statement. “These changes were purely driven by issues related to our legacy business.”

Myspace co-founder Tom Anderson, outwardly oblivious to the slight, seems occupied with other things these days. “Date released for Verizon iPhone. Will they offer unlimited data plan?” he tweeted recently.

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