Verizon Reminds Us Any Regulation Is Too Much Regulation

In a completely expected move, Verizon has decided to sue the F.C.C., challenging the agency’s newly adopted rules on net neutrality. 

When the new rules were passed, The Observer noted that they were laying the groundwork for future legal challenges.  

F.C.C. chairman Julius Genachowski was hoping his compromise package would placate business interests. 

But as Aparna Sridhar, policy counsel for Free Press, told The New York Times, this lawsuit “demonstrates that even the most weak and watered-down rules aren’t enough to appease giant phone companies.”

Verizon has also asked for the case to be tried in D.C. under the same panel of judges who ruled against the F.C.C. in the recent Comcast case. So much for home field advantage.

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