Watch Kevin Smith Rant At Sundance Before Buying His Own Movie

Kevin Smith got his start by selling Clerks at Sundance in 1994, but he’s biting the hand that fed him and going against the film festival’s standard system. Instead of selling Red State to distributors, Smith bought his new film for $20 and plans to market it himself.

This might rankle the powers that be a little bit, but the real highlight here is the incoherent curse-riddled rant that Smith unleashed upon the screener audience before the movie started. It’s full of self-indulgent reminiscences and face-palm digressions, bouncing from one ill-formed argument about the studio system to the next. Also, he gives plenty of love to Twitter and, for some reason, goes on a tangent about Wayne Gretzky’s hockey stick to excruciating length.

But, hey — at least he had the power to admit to himself, and the audience, how bad Cop Out was. Watch the speech below.