Which Web Company Is Worth The Most Per User

We averaged out the $6 billion offer from Google and the $15 billion valuation floated in the Wall Street Journal. Then we divided by Groupon's 50 million users.

Then we took 10% off. Because we care. 

We averaged out the $50 billion valuation from the Goldman deal with the $76 billion valuation in Sharepost. Then we divided by Facebook's 600 million users.

And they say you can't put a price on friendship. 

With a valuation of $5.5 billion as of October 2010, Zynga has more than 215 million monthly active users for a per-user value of $25.58. 

Sadly that value can only be redeemed by investors in the form of digital parsnips. 

With a user base of 90 million, and a $3 billion valuation, LinkedIn users are each worth $33.33 apiece. 

But that money is way more professional than Facebook. Worth the same, but seriously, just more grown up. 



With over 200 million users and a valuation of $3.7 billion, Twitter is worth about $18.05 per user.

But each one of those users totally has like, hundreds of followers.

This morning Bloomberg reported that Foursquare was worth $250 million. Sadly Foursquare emailed us to say that's not true.

Things move fast in the world of tech. It's back to 6 million users at $120 million valuation for a per-user value of $20.

Some reporters have spoken to people claiming to be the CIA Chief's hackers via phone. (Photo: Flickr / Public Domain)

With a valuation of somewhere around $875 million and 560 million users, Skype squeezes a mere $1.56 in market value out of each user.

The Internet telephone company must be in a long-distance relationship with its users!

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