Why Trojan Has a Condom Booth at the Consumer Electronics Show

We wonder what attendees at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas happening now think when they see the Trojan booth, set up next to the bar. What would a condom company being doing at a gadget show? Debuting the iCondom? Revealing some cutting edge touch screen sex technology running Android 3.0? Is it a condom that tweets during?

“We have some amazing innovations of condoms that are unlike anything that’s been offered before,” a vendor from Trojan told MSNBC.

Not exactly. While a tweeting condom would have won CES for Trojan for a year, the company came out to show off its Trojan 2Go Condom Card, a pocket size case that protects two condoms.

Trojan just wants to be associated with edginess. “What better place than CES to show our innovations?” Trojan’s CES man said.

Or maybe he just got lost trying to find The Adult Entertainment Expo, also in Vegas this week.

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