With Footwear Line, Lindsay Lohan Segues From 'Jailhouse Rock' to 'Blue Suede Shoes'

Lindsay Lohan! You’re newly out of jail, lacking any discernible career, and desperately in need of an image revival. What are you going to do next? It’s time to cut a hefty piece of humble pie and plan some expansion for your fashion line, right? Turns out it is! Ladies and gentlemen, Lindsay Lohan’s 6126 brand will soon offer shoes.

“I took inspiration from old Hollywood glamor and added a modern edge,” Lohan told People.

And if you thought that Lindsay is so busy with her non-existent movie career to actually contribute to the designs, you’re dead wrong.

“She comes to meetings with tears, photos, and fabrics,” business partner Kristi Kaylor said. “She brings her own shoes in to show specifics. She’s ultra-prepared, all the time.”

Well, if her recent living arrangements have rubbed off on her, we’d expect there to be a disproportionate amount of shoes that go with orange jumpsuits. Hey, Lindsay, maybe prison chic will be big in 2011!

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