15 Conversations People Wish They Could Have With Mark Zuckerberg

@ragnarh Righteous! This means more to me than my company's $50 billion valuation and Person of the Year COMBINED. Thank you so much. #ff
@EduardoRochaBra Awesome! DM me with your number. I have NOTHING to do today. Side project!
@toddeherman OMG. Did you have a movie made about you and paparazzi post photos of your daily life on Gawker too?
@MssFrankenstein Aw. I'm sorry I ever said that stuff about fucking you guys in the ear.
@AustinCParker If you really loved Facebook, you wouldn't be here.
@ric_and Let me get on that.
@mieppie2011 Did you try the Zuck signal?
@godfather3398 Never! Do you have a Facebook fan page?
@RosaStarkey You too, Rosa! I know all about you, and you seem great!
@FollowMeShakira Never heard of it.
@CCrowls96 Dude. Not funny. Not today.
@niak101 My net worth translates to $65,639 every five minutes, or whatever that is in Facebook credits. DM me.
@blackdisney It's on the list.
@TaylorPape Don't fight The Facebook, Taylor. You need me.
@MyGirlTerri ... Is this Pradeep?
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