AdKeeper CEO Scott Kurnit Says Every Day Can Be Super Bowl Sunday … For Ads

super bowl ads AdKeeper CEO Scott Kurnit Says Every Day Can Be Super Bowl Sunday ... For AdsIt’s okay, you can admit it, you love ads. It’s just human nature. 

So says Scott Kurnit, CEO of AdKeeper, in a lengthy op-ed in All Things Digital today.

AdKeeper is a New York startup that plans to seed the web with a button that lets users save ads they love for later consumption. Kurnit thinks it will be bigger than Twitter

In a section titled “The Truth About Human Nature,” Kurnit drops some hard data. “The fact is, 90 percent of people have torn an ad from a magazine. Over three billion coupons were redeemed last year, just for packaged gods [sic].”

Bow in ecstasy before the packaged gods, you mere mortals of the web, for they bestow on you the advertising you secretly crave. 

Freudian slips aside, Kurnit makes the good point that any ad that people decide to click and keep for later must be seriously effective. The Keep button would add another layer to assessing what works online and what doesn’t. Better metrics means better ads, perhaps. But Kurnit’s vision quickly gets downright utopian.

“The Internet is the greatest medium of all time. Super Bowl Sunday proves that people like ads that can make an impact. AdKeeper makes it Super Bowl Sunday for advertising, every day.”

There’s a reason we only do some things once a year. 

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