Anti Walmart Crew Points Out That Defending Walmart is a Fireable Offense

Anti-Walmart coalition operative Eric Koch pointed out to us the following article in which four Walmart employees disarmed a gunman inside the store only to be fired for violating company policy, which clearly states “If during an approach or investigation, it becomes apparent that the suspect has a weapon or brandishes or threatens use of a weapon; all associates must disengage from the situation, withdraw to a safe position, and contact law enforcement.”

Responds Walmart-Free NYC spokesman “This is yet another example of why Walmart does not share New York’s values- New York honors and celebrates its heroes, it doesn’t fire them for being brave citizens. Walmart really is in a league of its own when it comes to how badly they treat their workers.

The article comes out just as the City Council is preparing  to hold hearings on Walmart tomorrow in which the anti-Walmart coalition has arranged for current and former employees of the big box store to testify about what it is like to work there.