App Helps People Locate Ladies

It’s long been established that, despite constituting a majority of the population, female humans are much more difficult to locate than their male counterparts. Even in today’s social media-addled urban environments, a person can go minutes or even hours without encountering a woman. Rarer still are masses of women congregated in one specific location, let alone a public space.

Fortunately for all who seek to locate the most abundant form of person on the planet, a tech startup has developed a smartphone application called This program combs Foursquare checkins for women, and then displays a compass that steers lady-hunters to nearby locations with a high recent XX chromosome count. This is good, because as equally well established as the global paucity of ladies is their receptiveness to being treated as one homogeneous unit distinguished by genetics.

The application is now available at Apple’s App store, although it only covers San Francisco, presumably because the women of that city are even more elusive than the worldwide population. 

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