Best Business Cards from Around New York’s Tech Scene

Foursquare addict, TechStar and general hacker Jonathan Wegener passes out these half-sized business cards with different designs. The Observer has snagged two, but we mean to collect them all.

Betaworks. Great name. Great business card. This elegant little half-size card suits the innovative incubator that pops out killer startups and just built its own MakerBot, don't you think?

The Observer's web editor snagged protohacker Kevin Mitnick's card, which doubles as a lockpicking kit, at a recent publishing event. (This was the guy who was once the "most-wanted computer criminal" in the U.S.)

The other side of blogger and fearless Girl Scout Jessica Lawrence's business card is even cuter (the tiniest blue pencil-drawn computer!), but it's teeming with personal information so we decided to run with the front, which is memorable enough.
Web designer? Consultant? Publicist? Social media mini-celebrity? We're not sure how to brand him, but Rex Sorgatz's card evokes one of his emails or t-shirts. Kinda!
Clean, simple design with a shoutout to the freelancer's preferred mode of transportation and one of the creative mind's only remaining refuges from WiFi.
Mallory Blair and Bianca Caampued like to play the small card. It works!

This is what Alex Godin's glasses look like, which should help you remember him. You probably won't forget though, considering he's a righteous 17-year old hacker-in-training who captivated hearts and minds recently with an inspired PowerPoint at IgniteNYC. The other side identifies him as "Idea Person, Project Guy."

The rounded corners are a bit obscured in this image, but Adstruc's business card is big, distinctive, and appropriate for a startup that's disrupting the outdoor advertising industry.
Kiwi Rowan Wernham's card, for photo-sharing startup Snapr, is the happiest color.

Getting this card from SIFR's CEO made The Observer feel as if we'd just been tapped to join a secret game.

The RRE logo is a cutout which from the other side, actually says "RRE." Good for tracing.

Nightclub manager and General Assembly resident Shawn Kolodny was keeping his new company stealthy when The Observer obtained his business card, so we won't mention what he does.

We like Hunch's card, even though it makes us a little angsty. (Should we get a tattoo, Hunch? And uh, what should it be?)

The card for Second Market is slick, professional, memorable and (on this side) simple. Trust us with your private company stock, it seems to say.

We still appreciate GroupMe's octothorpe-eyed emoticon even though it reminds us of the creepy claymation film Coraline, in which the villains replace people's eyes with buttons.