Billionaire Meets Billionaire

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apparently swung by the mayor’s office while in town for his Saturday Night Live appearance alongside pretender Jesse Eisenberg, the Daily News reports.

“I met with Mark Zuckerberg the other day to see if we can get some help from Facebook,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. “Having a site for New York City, there’s a lot of potential.”

New York City has more than one Facebookpage right now and the state has more Facebook users than any others.

Bloomberg told the Daily News that City Hall is eager to start using Facebook and Twitter to get feedback from citizens. That would have been a fun conversation—”So Zuck, tell me about Twitter.”

But anonymous commenter Anacondoman gets the real story: “Mark Zuckerberg had a cameo in Jesse Eisenberg’s opening skit on SNL last week, which also featured Andy Samberg. Now he’s meeting with Mayor Bloomberg and Adam Lisberg is writing about it. Is anyone else noticing a pattern here?”

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Billionaire Meets Billionaire