Bloomberg News Parties Down with ‘Scene Last Night’

Bloomberg News quietly launched a nightlife column today, called Scene Last Night. It’s penned by former New York Sun social editor Amanda Gordon and it’s hosted on Bloomberg’s little-known (but surprisingly well staffed) arts and leisure vertical, Muse. (The site describes itself as “Arts, Culture and Spend.”)

Although it’s under the Bloomberg brand, Scene is not all blotto bankers and hard-partying politicos. The first post is actually more of a culture diary–covering the opening of “Nixon in China” at the Met and a book party for Jill Kargman’s Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut.

A rep says it “will cover NY evening — fundraising galas to Broadway openings and auctions.”

So that’s what happens in NY at night!

Also, did you know Lewis Lapham has a podcast over there? :: @kstoeffel


Bloomberg News Parties Down with ‘Scene Last Night’