Bloomberg: Obama Should ‘Stand Up’ on Gun Control [VIDEO]

Mike Bloomberg appeared on “The Rachel Maddow Show” last night to talk up his administration’s investigation into a Phoenix gun show and to urge President Barack Obama to crack down on illegal guns.

“The president should stand up and I will keep urging him to say so,” he said. “We’ve got to stop all this carnage.”

Bloomberg noted that he was not interested in changing federal gun laws, so much as enforcing existing laws, noting that the vast majority of guns used to commit crimes in New York City were procured illegally in one form or another.

“We’re not trying to tell Arizona what their laws should be,” he said. “All we are saying is, ‘You’ve got to stop this, federal government, because no city, no state, can do this on their own.”

Bloomberg’s comments have led to some huffing in Arizona. Maricopa County sheriff (and anti-illegal immigration crusader) Joe Arpaio responded on Twitter, “Why is Mayor Bloomberg concerned about law enforcement in my county? Maybe I should send undercover deputies to New York” and added “Maybe my deputies while checking for gun laws in New York will also check into the illegal immigration laws.”

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Bloomberg: Obama Should ‘Stand Up’ on Gun Control [VIDEO]