Calvin Klein Flies In Kate Bosworth For His Woman’s Show

109250229 Calvin Klein Flies In Kate Bosworth For His Womans ShowMeredith Melling Burke, the senior market editor at Vogue, tweeted the following at 3:02 p.m. yesterday afternoon: “Shazammed the gorgeous opening song at Calvin Klein and downloaded it – James Blake’s “The Wilhelm Scream.” So moody and pretty xx mmb.” Indeed, just seconds after The Observer took a seat at the Calvin Klein Women’s show the low-toned woozy electro fuzz that makes up the British musician’s robot-soul sound washed over the crisscrossed runway, the bass rumbling the floor below, and then the models began to breach the center entrance way. The song — metallic but affecting, with Blake’s voice warbling up the scale and eventually dismantling itself into the clicks, hums and clatters that make for atmosphere — was stunningly appropriate for the tenor of the clothes. We’re glad someone at Calvin had the foresight to blast James Blake, but his music matches up a little bit too well with a relatively tame runway show.

Sky Ferreira, the 18-year-old singer on the cover of this month’s Vs., tweeted the following at 2:12 p.m. yesterday afternoon: “At calvin klein obviously waiting for lara stone. Duh!” The Observer saw this on Twitter and then checked the program. Yes, the Dutch supermodel, famed for her contribution to the slight-gap-in-teeth meme, would be closing the show, and when she did she pursed her lips into the knowing smile that celebrities are obliged to produce if they agree to a special runway appearance. Sky Ferreira had a seat in the front row next to Andre Leon Talley, who was wearing a barber shop smock. It looked awesome of course. Later, Terry Richardson shot pictures of Sky Ferreira against a white wall.

Kate Bosworth, the actress, doesn’t have a Twitter but told The Observer these Twitter-length quotes: “I flew in last night. I’m here with Calvin happily and then I leave tomorrow morning early. To London! I’m going to London and then I’m going to Paris. I’m working with a French filmmaker so I’m gonna go over and see her.”

The Observer, the exhausted writer, tweeted the following at 3:43 yesterday afternoon: “Fashion week: almost over, sanity waning.”

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