Cee-Lo to Perform With Gwyneth, For Real This Time

So the rumors that Cee-Lo Green would perform his current hit, “Fuck You!,” with Gwyneth Paltrow on Saturday Night Live were overblown (he performed the song solo, she did a weird introductory skit in a wig), but for some reason, America’s finally getting a chance to see this odd couple team up. Cee-Lo is to perform the nominated song with Gwyneth — and a passel of Muppets.

The last time we saw a musical act so committed to meddling in its very good music with stagecraft and stunts, it was — well, Cee-Lo’s old musical duo, Gnarls Barkley, which donned Star Wars outfits to sing “Crazy.” He’s apparently learned that if you want a song to get attention, you have to be committed to making it more of a spectacle each time you sing it. Everyone gains something in this performance: Gwyneth (who performed the song previously on Glee) has a burgeoning musical career to promote, and the Muppets have to start creating buzz for their forthcoming movie (nothing is exempt from tawdry business demands — not even Jim Henson’s creatures!). And Cee-Lo gets to cement his place as the ringleader of a zany musical circus. The loser may be the audience member who wonders why a song they like, by Cee-Lo, has to become a super-adulterated multimedia spectacular, featuring an Oscar-winner and Kermit. Isn’t shooting a music video enough?

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