CEO Mike Yavonditte Explains Why Hashable is Not Lame

New York startup Hashable got an extensive video treatment by Building43. Michael Yavonditte, CEO of the relationship-tracking company, faces tough questions from Robert Scoble, including his initial reaction to check-in software: “That’s sort of weird, or lame… Why would you check in on a person?”

Mr. Yavonditte maintains that there are people who are interested in keeping track of their friends’ interactions, including the person they met for a breakfast or drinks meeting. He also describes various tags users can use to 

“We’re trying to make it fun to collect interesting information about you and your network,” said Mr. Yavonditte.

The Hashable CEO also plans to deploy a location layer for South by Southwest so that users can show off that they’re making really powerful network connections at such an important technology event.



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