Chris Brown to Appear on ‘Saturday Night Live’

It would seem Chris Brown has redeemed himself — at least in the eyes of NBC. The “Yeah 3x” singer is to appear on Saturday Night Live on February 12, on an episode hosted by Russell Brand. The decision seems a strange one because of the show’s relationship with Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. In 2009, Rihanna appeared as a guest and sang “Hard” and “Russian Roulette,” songs inspired by her breakup with Brown; she also did a digital short, which she reprised in her second appearance on the show in 2010. (Brown has never appeared on the show.)

One wonders whether Brown’s current resurgence (“Yeah 3x” has peaked at #15 on Billboard — not great, but better than one might have assumed Brown would ever do again) is worth potentially alienating Rihanna. Rihanna has gamely participated in the “Shy Ronnie” sketches; can Brown, even despite his apparent image rehabilitation, really be funny? :: @DPD_